Claire’s Ceilidh Podcast

Claire’s Ceilidh is a monthly podcast, released for free download and your listening pleasure on the 1st Thursday of every month! If you subscribe to this website (no cost), you’ll be notified when the latest episode is available, so you don’t miss out!

To listen to, or download the podcast for free, click the links below, or search itunes for “Claire’s Ceilidh”.

Claire’s Ceilidh Podcast November 2019

Features Seamus O’Sullivan – Ian Burns – Gordon Shand – Gordon Pattullo – Bill Black – Jamie MacDonald & Christian Gamauf

Claire’s Ceilidh Podcast October 2019the 2/4 Special

Features: Robert Nairn Highland Dance Band – Graeme Mitchell & His Band – Lindsay Weir Scottish Dance Band – Kenneth Mackenzie/Cameron Bennet – Alistair Henderson Band – Deoch N Dorus.

Claire’s Ceilidh Podcast September 2019

Features: Anna Fraser & The Lewis and Harris Accordion & Fiddle Club – Martin Potinger & Friends – Leonard Brown & Friends – Don MacDonald – Mountain Melodies & Simon Thoumire – Peter Stewart – Trail West



Claire’s Ceilidh Podcast August 2019

Features: Deoch N Dorus – Donald Black – The Pentlands Ceilidh Band – The Clyde Valley Ceilidh Band – The Matthew Maclennan Scottish Dance Band – The Allan Crookston Ceilidh Band